Wieser Construction Co.

Wieser Construction Co. has been providing complete construction services to Sidney, Nebraska and the surrounding communities since 1978.  From erecting metal buildings to remodels, excavation and concrete work, we are your trusted name in the business.

From a humble beginning in 1978, John Wieser founded Wieser Construction Co. by doing miscellaneous construction jobs around Sidney, Nebraska.  Through the years, the company grew on their principles stating “Quality Is Our Specialty” and they still live and work by those words today.  With their continued commitment to quality work and unmatched service, they are the trusted name within Sidney, Nebraska and regionally.

Jim Wieser has worked closely with his dad, John, on construction projects for most of his life.  He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Jim has been with the company full time since 2010.  Wes Runge, joined the team in 2018 and also has a degree in Construction Management from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.   Combined, their team has over 60 years of project management and general construction experience.

Today, Wieser Construction Co. can be seen paving city streets and erecting 20,000 square foot steel buildings.  They may present as a long way from the “miscellaneous” construction jobs that provided John Wieser his start in the business, yet they have not forgotten their roots. The community knows that when they need a project done right, no matter the size, they will receive the quality service they have come to expect.  And with a diverse team of employees coupled with the latest equipment, Wieser Construction takes on projects that others can’t.

”We have the equipment and the experience required to get your job done right.”

Whether your next job is a remodel, stamped patio, or a 20,000 square foot building, we have you covered. You can move forward with confidence knowing that Wieser Construction Co. has your best interest in mind and quality is always their specialty.